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Proper use of maintenance concrete batching plant on a daily basis

2018-10-16 Views:

Proper use, proper maintenance,and maintenance, will extend the service life of the concrete batching plant. Maintaining a concrete batching plant is a lot of work, and it takes a lot of work, sometimes it makes people feel cumbersome! The operator will not only control, but also know how to repair and maintain! We will introduce to you in several parts about the daily maintenance and maintenance "cheats" of the concrete batching plant.
Part one: checking the maintenance of the control room
The control room is the base of the concrete batching plant. It is equivalent to the human brain. The control room has electrical components such as industrial computer, display, console, power cabinet, etc., electrical components are not exposed to water, dust, and vibration. Therefore, entering the control room should first check that the indoor environment should be clean and regular, the industrial control machine should be placed smoothly, the air switch in the power cabinet, and the connection contactor should be fastened.

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