Maintenance of Electronic Truck Scale

1.Before using the Truck Scale, you must familiarise yourself with its corresponding manual and relevant technical documents, and operate it carefully and correctly according to the requirements.


2. The total weight of the vehicle or goods to be weighed is not allowed to exceed the maximum weighing capacity of the scale under any circumstances. It is prohibited for short wheelbase vehicles such as forklift trucks that are close to the maximum weighing capacity to pass through the scale.


3. When weighing a vehicle, the vehicle should travel at a speed of less than 5km/h straight to the middle of the platform, then brake gently and measure after coming to a standstill.


4. It is prohibited to weigh acid, alkali and other corrosive substances on the platform.


5. In use, the spills on the platform should be cleared in time, and the empty scale should be confirmed in time after cleaning (i.e. the weighing display controller should be reset to zero).

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Post date: 2024/06/14
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Maintenance of Electronic Truck Scale